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Corrosion is an outcome of oxidation on metal surface which gets deposited on it and work like a gangrene on sugar patient. It silently kill metal and will be a cause for catastrophe. The major cause for corrosion is water or aqueous solution because of which metal oxidises to get corroded or rusted. The rust so formed weakens the metal and cause pittings and make it to collapse.

To avoid this corrosion inhibitors are developed both organic and inorganic by nature. Earlier ones used to be inorganic materials which because of synthetic nature used cause pollution so also disposing it used to be a daunting task. after extensive research fruit and leaves based anti corrosives are developed and has helped us overcome this problem. we have introduced a Eco-friendly high bonding, efficient anti-corrosive coating which can be coated after de-greasing there is no need to have complete 7 tank process and this eliminates red oxide or zinc rich primers. When coated on existing metal which is already corroded it will maintain status quo for longer period there by enhancing life. On new surface it will prevent corrosion for a very long period and has good adhesion to cement and paint. Can be used in highly corrosive environment and where ever cyclic variation of temperature is there.

Chimneys, Ship, Industrial applications, Petro industries, in INFRASTRUCTURE Construction areas are rebars, deck structures etc, roads, bridges, canopies, towers, under water structures, tunnels, furnaces, chemical industries, automobiles like cars, trucks, luggage carriers, bus, TRAINS including advertisement hoardings.........

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