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I was traveling and came across a friend who mentioned that there is huge requirements for a systems where there is less use of coal to burn bricks. I worked on it for a short period of 5 days and was able to zero on a product which cold sets and self cures.  It can be lifted in 4 hours and can be applied for use in 2 days time without backing.  (this later I found out baking may be necessary depending on soil but definitely less than what is done in conventional way).  This reduces the labor, coal, time required for making the brick. The size of the brick can be small one to replacement to a cement block with similar or better strength .  Other forms like tiles for roof, floor, pavers can be made.  Very good product in Eco-friendly form. I have put it to test in my lab and will be sending it for testing to some external agency soon and come back with positive results. RDr. Raghunath SB

Group CMD  Protect Group of Companies.

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