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Updated: Apr 7, 2022


Reason can be umpteen. This summer was scorching and even place like Bangalore made people to sweat.
Similarly rain will be incessant which make the surface leak.  Both are seasonal but repeats.  We have found a solution which can answer this and that is PERFECTCOAT-TR.  this is a 3 coat system which can give temperature difference up-to 15 degree Celsius  under normal quality and can be tailor made for higher resistance.  It is also waterproofing coat which lasts long over surface like concrete, wood and metal.

Heat resistant coating is nothing but an insulation coating which resist the heat transfer either positive or negative by nature.  The external heat if it is 44 c then inside it can be brought down to 40 to 34 ie., by 2 to 10 c it can also be up scaled by changing the nature of additive.  Ceramic base is Eco-friendly system which can be formulated to suit requirements.  This is good enough for normal structures and environment  this.  Ceramic can take cyclic variation of temperature and can also endure long.  Other bases can be from furan, which can go up-to 3500°c, metal plastics which can go up-to 5000°c continuous temperature.

Applications for such products are in furnace for lining and bed application apart from enclosure itself,  apart from this it can be buckets carrying coke or any other hot materials, Cement, steel and other industries along with aircraft industries where exhaust needs high temperature versions.  

For cold applications it is where ever refrigeration is required. Be it fishery, medical storage area, residence or any structure it hot and arid zone

For trade and individual requirements please contact

Dr. Raghunath SB

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