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What is AKWOSHIELD     -P?

AKWOSHIELD- P is a dry ready mix plaster (composite-based plaster) ready use on ceiling internal-external, between bricks like a mortar or PCC.

It is a premium quality Indian Made dry mix Blend of sand and cement.

Conventionally packed to ensure the correct amount of product for the job.

How to stop leakages for cracked surface

Where AKWOSHIELD      -P    works?

  • Roof ceiling plastering

  • Cracks at internal walls

  • Water tanks

  • Sump cracks

  • Reservoirs

  • Between bricks mortar, etc.

Cracked surfaces where the intensity of damage severity is higher and which made every one trouble to fulfill the requirement instantly without proper financial  planning.

"Nowadays, all of us suffering from  uneven surfaces, with small cracks almost all the areas of buildings  and to full fill these needs we have to struggle a lot to get the cement, sand, labor, etc." 

Scenario 1:

We will be wondering where to get a little quantity of sand, whether we have to borrow or steal sand from near by places.To avoid the embracements and unintentional crime we have come out with a perfect mix of cement sand and admixture and made in the name AKWOSHIELD®-P, a perfect dry plaster in a mortar, available in 5 kgs for small repairs.

Scenario 2:

While we are executing the project or small repairs to the existing buildings, where sand laid over the road, covering the drain, causing inconvenience to the public.

This situation also leads to loss of sand by 33% in the form of erosion, theft, and bribes paid to authorities, apart from social avoid this, we have come out with AKWOSHIELD®-P in 25kg packing

Scenario 3:

In any given circumstances, the mason is supported by two helpers for plaster, this is apart from the labor required to shift the material from held place to working place and mixing the cement with water. All here we need a minimum of four to six helpers but in our case one helper for four masons.


Curing important to plaster otherwise its start to cracking, normally curing be done in one day and it reduces as time goes by. where We have special formulation, where curing is not required and This will save not only time, money, effort but also precious natural resources, that is water.

Scenario 4 :

If there is a fire in the premises, the first carrier is curtains or electric wires, as it start s burning, the plastic will meet followed by heating and cracking of plasters leading to melting of pipes, steel, fixtures depending on the intensity of the fire.AKWOSHIELD®-P can take the heat up to 300 degrees, for a longer period to reduce the causality.


What made us to AKWOSHIELD      - P? 



(A mixture of Sand, Cement & additive Compound)

  • Ready-mix plaster available 5 and 25 Kg. 

  • Assured Quality and quantity in the mix.

  • Saves on labour, cost, time and material.

  • Self-curing while saving water & time.

  • UV,heat,carck& water-resistant material.

  • use in the form of a spray.

  • acid-resistant additive.

  • Used fix on marble,tile,floor,etc.

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